Branding and Editorial

The brief:

This was set by BrandOpus with a requirement to design a new alcohol beverage, which had an alcoholic content of less than 8% and featured innovative packaging technologies.

The solution:

I created a Bourbon-infused Cider, named Zyder, targeted for the y generation and to be sold at festivals and gigs. The packaging features an innovative silicone coating and a short neck as a means of protecting the crowd. By preventing people from holding the bottle by the neck, it means that it cannot be used as a weapon, nor thrown in crowds. The silicone coating also means that the bottle will not smash when hit with contact, significantly reducing the amount of smashed glass in these areas.


The supporting advertising campaign consists of short, POV clips in the crowds of these events to directly communicate what the brand would be used for, whilst creating an inclusive feel for the audience. These would be displayed on social media platforms such as Instagram, as a way of communicating to the target audience, with a current approach.