Graphic Illustrations

The brief:

For the Bear brief, we were required to produce a set of Bear cards that would be used within the existing Yoyo packs. They had to be educational, fun and targeted at an audience aged between 4–9. They also had to remain visually in-line with the existing look and feel of the brand.

The solution:

To respond to the brief, I created a set of cards under the theme of ‘Nature’s circus’ and used it as a tool for Bear to travel around the world and discover new information. The collective title for the cards is Bear’s Trip to Nature’s Circus.


For the visuals, I took a flat vector approach so that it was relevant for the brand. However, I added in some additional detailing on the animals to really celebrate them as an ‘act’ in the circus and draw the attention of the eye, directly to this part of the card. The colour palette uses references to the environment that the animal would be found in, whilst taking a simplistic approach for a fresh, wholesome feel.