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The brief:

This brief was set by Elmwood and gave a scenario for 2026, and a service that we had to rebrand or redirect in order to survive the scenario. I was given was ‘The High-street is dead’ while the service I was given was a multi-storey car park.

The solution:

After concluding that a multi-storey car park would not be required without a high-street, I redirected my service into the Entertainment Industry, rebranding it as a drive-in cinema. The retro redirection utilises nostalgia, yet continues to remain true to the origins of the brand: by ‘storing’ cars. The updated approach strengthens the brand and continues to invite a market of 2026.


To support the brand, I created an ident and a digital advertising campaign, as well as print advertising.

Disclaimer: I do not own the audio for the Cinemotor Indent, nor the original visual or audio content for the advert, however I have used these to enhance my deliverables and manipulated them to create my own work. Where possible I have credited the original sources.

Credit: 'Sound Effects' on Youtube.

Credit: Monsters and Critics' - Hunt for the Wilderpeople trailer, '20th Century Fox' - The Revenant trailer, 'Movieclips Trailers' - The Girl on the Train trailer, 'Fast & Furious' - Fast and Furious 7 trailer, 'Warner Bros. Pictures' - Suicide Squad trailer, '20th Century Fox' - X-Men Apocalypse trailer, 'Movieclips Trailers' - Trolls trailer, 'DreamWorksTV' - Meet cloud guy, 'Animation+' - The Secret Life of Pets memorable moments, 'Warner Bros. UK' - How to be Single trailer, 'Movieclips Trailers' - A Cat named Bob trailer, 'Fresh Movie Trailers' - Bridget Jones' baby trailer, 'Robert Hofmann' - Eddie the Eagle trailer, 'Disney UK' - Zootropolis trailer, 'DreamWorksTV' - The Boss Baby trailer, 'Future Daily' - Kölsch - Grey, 'emimusic' - Swedish House  Mafia - One, 'PitbullVEVO' - Pitbill - Time of our Lives. 

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